Island Silba

Island Silba
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Pronunciation of Croatian language
Letter Pronunciation Approximate pronunciation in English
A a [a] father
B b [b] abuse
C c [ts] pizza
Č č [ch] chair
Ć ć [ty] nature
D d [d] dog
Dž dž [j] dodge
Đ đ [dy] schedule
E e [e] ten
F f [f] phase
G g [g] good
H h [h] loch
I i [i] seek
J j [y] yes
K k [k] duck
L l [l] lock
Lj lj [ll] volume
M m [m] man
N n [n] not
Nj nj [ny] canyon
O o [o] caught
P p [p] top
R r [r] rolled (vibrating) "r" as in "caramba"
S s [s] some
Š š [sh] sheer
T t [t] talk
U u [oo] boom
V v [v] vase
Z z [z] zero
Ž ž [zh] vision
Silba Croatia • welcome to island Silba in Croatia!
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