Island Silba

Island Silba
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? Where is the harbor on Silba?
  There are two harbors on Silba - the western harbor ("Žalić") and the eastern harbor ("Mul"). Passenger ships dock in the western harbor (although in the case of bad weather the catamaran can dock in the eastern harbor). The western harbor was rebuilt in 1992. (in the begining of the last century a big storm destroyed it - its remains are still visible). Local boats are docked in the eastern harbor and in the summer yachts dock on the main pier.
? Can a car be brought to Silba?
  Although there are ferry connections to Silba, vehicles embarked on the ferry can disembark only on neighboring islands Premuda and Olib. Except supply tractors and postman's motorcycle, there are no vehicles on Silba.
? Where can a car be parked?
  In Zadar there's a garage near the harbour, at the address Ulica 112. brigade BB, behind the Erste Bank office. In the ferry port Zadar-Gaženica the parking is free of charge. In Mali Lošinj there's a parking near the ferry dock.
? Can a bike be used on Silba?
  Although bikes can be seen on Silba, they are not allowed. The village and the island being so small, they are not even needed.
? Do passenger boats sail when the weather is bad?
  Very bad weather (mostly stormy NE wind) can prevent boats from sailing, but this happens mostly in winter months. In the summer it is very rare for the boats not to sail.
? Can a one-day excursion to a neighboring island be made using regular boat connections?
  From Silba it is possible to make one-day excursion to Premuda.
? Is there a bank on Silba?
  In the post office there is a branch of Hrvatska Poštanska Banka bank, where you can withdraw money with your bank card.
? Where can an internet connection be found?
  In some bars and restaurants (Alavija, Turist, Mik...) there is a WiFi internet connection available.
? How to pronunce Croatian words?
  Croatian pronunciation explained: English, Deutch, Français, Español.
? How many islands are there in Croatia?
  Croatia has 79 islands, 525 islets and 642 rocks (in all 1246). The biggest island is Cres (405,7 km²). Silba is 29. island by size with 14,3 km² and 26 km of coastline.
? How many permanent inhabitants are there on Silba and surrounding islands?
  There are 292 permanent inhabitants on Silba, 64 on Premuda, 140 on Olib and 182 on Ist.
? Is it sunnier in the South of Croatia than in the North?
  Although some southern islands often mention their number of sunny hours per year, Silba with its 2651 hours of sun is not far behind 2718 hours of Hvar (the difference is only 11 minutes per day - just the time of a morning coffee!). Being a low island (83 m), clouds often just pass over Silba and continue their way towards Bay of Rijeka or the mountain Velebit.
? Where are beaches Tratica and Carpusina?
  Tratica and Carpusina are natural extensions to Žalić beach (from its northern side). These three beaches make in reality one big pebble beach.
? Where are beaches for naturists (FKK)?
  Although there are naturists everywhere outside of the beaches near the village, the best places for naturists are small coves behind the bay Pocukmarak (it's a short walk on the coast) and Dobra Voda.
? Is sea around Silba clean?
  Official data from the Ministry of environmental protection: sea of exceptional quality in Kvarner, Velebit channel and Zadar's islands (Silba): 52-91% of beaches, in Istra: 2% of beaches, in Southern Adriatic: 0-18% of beaches. Sea of good or exceptional quality all over the Adriatic: 98% of beaches.
? Are there any dolphins around Silba?
  Dolphins swim all around Silba (on the northern side even pretty close to the coast), but during summer numerous boats scare them, so they can not be seen as often as during the rest of the year.
? Are there any wild animals on Silba?
  The wildest known is the rabbit. It can often be seen near the apartment Silba
? Are there any poisonous snakes on the island?
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