Insel Silba

Insel Silba
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Under the sun

sunProlonged exposure to the sun can cause sunburns. People with light skin and small children are particularly sensitive to the sun. Avoid exposure to the sun between 12 and 16 hours. Use sun protection lotion with high protection factor.

On the coast

Be careful when entering the sea. Choose a spot where you can easily and safely step in the sea. Sharp rocks can hurt your feet. Stones on the coastline can be slippery because of their constant moistness and the buildup of algae on their surfaces.

In the sea

sea urchinSea urchin - lives mostly on the rocky sea bottom. If you are entering the sea in an area where it lives walk carefully until you reach the deep water. In the case you step on one extract the needles carefully.

jellyfishJellyfish - sometimes there are no jellyfish the whole summer, at other times there are plenty of them. They float slowly in the sea, driven by sea currents. When their tentacles come into contact with the skin they cause burns. Carefully rub the burnt spot with the sea sand.

Sting-fish (de: Straklen, it: ragno, fr: vive araignée) - a small fish (3-20 cm) that lives on the sandy sea floor. It has three poisonous stings on its top and one on each side. The sting is painful. In the case a person is stung the stung area (mostly the foot) has to be kept in the hot water (as hot as the person can bear) for 60 minutes - its poison degrades on temperatures >50 °C. Sting-fish is a very shy fish and avoids the swimmers so it is very difficult to step on it.

Sharks - only small and inoffensive sharks live in the Adriatic Sea. If you happen to see a shark it will most probably be on a plate in a restaurant.

On the ground

Mosquitoes - these annoying insects are most active in the early evening. Long sleeves are a good protection (if it is not too hot to wear them) as well as repellant lotions and sprays. The windows of the Apartment Silba are equipped with the nets protecting you from mosquitoes and other insects.

Spiders - in the late spring and early summer spider nets can be seen when walking on the paths around the island. You don't have to worry about these spiders because the only dangerous spider on the Croatian coast, the black widow, lives mostly on the ground. This spider is 1-2 cm long, with black body and red spots on it. The bite of this spider is painful and can sometimes be dangerous. If a person gets bitten by this spider it is necessary to visit a doctor. We weren't able to find this spider on Silba, although its habitat is the whole Croatian coast.

Scorpions - they can be found under stone plates. Their sting can cause pain but is not dangerous.

Snakes - if you encounter a snake and get scared, know that the snake got probably even more scared than you and that it is doing what it can to hide itself somewhere. Snakes on Silba are nor poisonous nor dangerous, with dark body up to 70 cm long. Don't kill them, there is no need to.

The doctor

On Silba there is a doctor (responsible also for islands Olib and Premuda). The ambulance is situated in the center of the village, close to Toreta tower. In the case of an emergency a person can be transported by fast boat or helicopter to the closest hospital. As there is no drugstore on Silba, if you need some medicine during your stay on the island, bring it with you.
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